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Orgasmic Healing Method™
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with Amyann Faul, M.E.S.
Holistic Embodiment Coach
Transformational Arts using Somatics & Sacred Sexual Energy

Unlock your Orgasmic Superpowers; Embody your Highest Potential


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Whether solo, or in relationship,

I'm here to help you:


  • Experience energygasms

  • Activate your bliss body

  • Become multi-orgasmic

  • Master your sexual energy 

  • Feel confident and magnetic

  • Experience exquisite intimacy that goes deeper than physical

  • Create the intimate relationships you desire & deserve

  • Break self-limiting habits & ancestral patterns

  • Dissolve your blocks to receiving deep pleasure

  • Heal religious and cultural shame programming

  • Manifest your dream life through bliss

  • For men: have full body non-ejaculatory orgasms

  • Embody your Soul: live your divine purpose

Become the sovereign King & Queen of your reality. 


Hi & Welcome! I'm Amyann 


Orgasms were once impossible for me. Now I am multiorgasmic and can have full body energy orgasms with thought alone. I use orgasmic energy for transformation, to reach higher states of consciousness, to fuel my creativity, and to manifest my dream life!

We are taught that sexuality and spirituality don't go together. I'm here to show you that:


Sex can be spiritual

Orgasms are your birthright

Your pain transforms into your power

This is the Sex Ed you never got in school!

Orgasmic Healing Method™

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Lucy Szczesniak

Amyann is a celestial being here on earth who is guiding humanity to the greatest unraveling yet. Her presence and energy is beautiful, pure, light, joyful and orgasmic.


Her words activated deep healing within me, triggering orgasmic ripples through my being as I released old programming and old beliefs about my pleasure and my body.. helping me to see that my sacred body is my gateway to god/the divine/mother Sophia/the universe/great mystery/source/creator.


In session with Amyann, I experienced profound and orgasmic transmutation of energy in my yoni, in my heart and deep within my being. Her offering is a sacred initiation into priestesshood, and more than this, it’s an initiation into grounding into the body, and honouring the wholeness of what it means to be a divine female on earth in these times.


May her healing powers ripple into your life, and may you choose her as your sacred priestess mentor - it is time to rise! 

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