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Here you will find the programs to help you master your sexual energy and liberate yourself! Learn the tools you need to become a Master Lover and Sex God; make her go crazy over you. Ignite your life purpose and gain access to vast amounts of untapped energy. Heal the effects of porn and unconscious sex.

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This is my foundational course. (Suitable for all genders.) It will give you the tools to begin unlocking your sexual energy so it doesn't just stay stuck in your sexual organs, but moves through the whole body and whole central nervous system. Uncover the secret superpowers of full body non-ejaculatory orgasms as well as multiorgasmic magic. Heal the effects of porn and unconscious sex.


A 4-module online course for men to elevate their relationships to women and sex.


When you have mastered your sexuality:

  • You are living your fullest potential as a man

  • You have more energy and focus

  • You aren’t a slave to your sexual impulses

  • You are a master lover to your woman

  • You are living on purpose and on mission

  • You open to more pleasure, creativity, and love

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1:1 immersion with individualized coaching from Amyann. This program can be 8-16 weeks. Fully customized comprehensive transformation program.  Book a call to apply 


A guided hero's journey through your own mythic and archetypal Kingmaking. Face your darkest shadows and dissolve all the shame holding you back from your most confident, expressed, powerful Self. Embody your highest Self. With tantric initiations. This program can last up to a year. Fully customized total transformation program.  Book a call to apply. 

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