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This earth-shaking

tutorial class reveals…


 How To break the dam on your Wettest Pleasure Yet in 20 minutes or less!


Without expensive toys, trying a million positions,

or spending years on trial and error...


UNLIMITED ACCESS to this prerecorded video tutorial

Learn how to tap into your “goddess-waters” and

un-dam your inner floods.

Be liberated into your wettest bliss!

You WILL learn...

  • My simple 9-step process for liberating your feminine superpower of involuntary squirting 

  • The difference between female ejaculation and squirting, and how one simple technique can unlock both

  • Proven embodiment tools for experiencing way more sensation in the body 

  • Pleasure breath for unleashing your wettest pleasure yet

  • How to tap into unconditional love for yourself and your pussy to activate the bliss body

  • The spiritual and energetic power of your feminine waters (increasing your awareness of your innate connection to nature and the waters of the earth)

  • And MORE!

Remember, you can break the dam on your wettest pleasure yet in just 20-minutes (or less!). And I’ll show you exactly how to do it in this beautifully-shot video tutorial.


fuck YES?

Join us in the Bliss Field!

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amyann dragon statue adina greek statue.HEIC

Opening to your wettest pleasure capacity can happen in just a few minutes! - Or it can take some practice depending on your willingness to surrender and to feel what's happening in your body, even if it's uncomfortable. You need to train your nervous system that it is SAFE to surrender and experience new heights (and depths) of sensation and pleasure. 


You will be given all the tools, background for your brain, embodied energetic transmission, and training you need to un-dam your inner goddess waters FOR LIFE.


Join me in Squirt School!

Here's What You'll Get:

LIFETIME ACCESS TO THE VIDEO TUTORIAL: unlimited access to this earth-shaking class that will give you all the tools you need in less than 20 mins. Easily accessed over the course platform by browser or on the wix spaces mobile app.

SQUIRT SCHOOL PLAYBOOK: like a workbook, but way more fun, with background info, some research-based science-y stuff, my personal experience, fillable pages, the 9-step process listed out for easy access.

TWO GUIDED AUDIO PRACTICES: one for expanding into more orgasmic sensation in your whole body and sending unconditional love to more parts of you. And the other: a fully guided 19-minute audio practice for you to access your Squirting abilities!

PREPARATION INSTRUCTIONS: everything you need to know to get set up in just a few minutes with things you have on hand at home - and to bring your nervous system into a regulated state to feel safe to surrender to more sensation.

AFTERCARE SUGGESTIONS: instructions for how to close and seal the energy after your practice.

EMBODIED TRANSMISSION - powerful moments of me in full body orgasmic pleasure just from breath and non-genital self-love. So your nervous system can pick up the codes


This class is worth $200 


Your Investment Today

Only: $49 ($36 USD)

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An Important Message From Your Instructor,

Amyann Faul...

I'm Taking Years Of Experience & Giving You My Exact Blueprint to Break the Dam on your Wettest Pleasure yet in 20 minutes or less!

Who this Class is Really For

This is for YOU if...

  • If you have trouble surrendering or receiving pleasure

  • If you have never released in squirting during peak pleasure, or haven't had consistent access to squirting abilities

  • If you have never (or inconsistently) experienced female ejaculation

  • You need support getting out of the mind into the body 

  • You have trouble letting yourself feel what's truly happening in your body

  • You want to consciously connect to more of yourself and bring more self-love to your body

  • You want to learn how to consciously squirt 

This is not for YOU if...

  • You are COMPLETELY satisfied with your love life (with yourself and with a partner) and believe you have no more room to expand

  • You already have multiple squirting orgasms, and female ejaculation experiences easily

  • You have no interest in being activated into your feminine magic and power

  • You don't want to expand into more embodied bliss

"18 years ago I couldn't orgasm at all, sex was painful and my body was numb. 13 years ago I could only orgasm with a vibrator. 5 years ago I unlocked full body energy orgasms by breath alone. Now I'm multiorgasmic. I have accessed squirting and female ejaculation and realized these are spiritual and energetic gifts of the Goddess. They have even brought me into altered states of consciousness.

Hey there,

My name is Amyann Faul and I don't say the above to brag, but to show you that I've been where you are my friend.

I know what it feels like to not be able to live a sexually empowered - fully surrendered to my feminine - wet life…

And after years of dealing with that…

I figured out the secret that changed everything for me…

To the point that today…

 I went from not being able to orgasm at all and numbness in sex, to consistently having multiple, full-body orgasms (and orgasms of ALL types) …

 I now squirt and ejaculate in exquisite pleasure with or without a partner. My nervous system feels safe to let go into this level of wet and wild surrender. 

And I’m inviting YOU and a group of amazing people to join me in this groundbreaking tutorial class to learn exactly the steps that got me here...

And how YOU can too!

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Amyann Faul

In my early 20s I could not orgasm at all and sex was painful. I felt disconnected from my partner and from my own pleasure. I worked in a job that wasn’t fulfilling my soul, in an overly masculine energetic that burnt out my kidneys, liver, and adrenals. I had hormonal imbalances. I didn't know how to take time out of my cycle for rest and receptivity. I blocked my own natural abundance.

I've spent the last 18 years on a deep healing journey. At 38, I am multi-orgasmic, and I can orgasm from breath alone. I experience mind-blowing, earth-shattering pleasure and connection with myself first, and with partners. I have reconnected the nerve pathways and rebuilt the mind-body-spirit connection that were once broken by trauma, guilt, shame, and fear. I dissolved my blocks, and transmuted them into power.

I have manifested a lifestyle, and work schedule, that flow with my organic rhythms. My menstrual cycles are regular; my hormones are balanced.

Since 2012 I have been studying and training in Tantra, feminine embodiment, womb priestessing, energy healing, and other holistic modalities. I began this journey in order to heal myself. Now it's time to share with you what I have learned and embodied so far on this sacred path.

It's my deep honour and pleasure to be your guide on your own orgasmic healing journey.


From women who once struggled to experience squirting O's - just like you!

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All this for $49 (CAD)

($36 USD)

Release your Goddess-Waters!

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