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DIVINE UNION: Couples' Tantric Experience

Tantric Intimacy Temple Immersion

For couples looking to experience new depths (and heights) of intimacy, presence, and states of extended ecstasy. Dissolve the blocks to seeing one another clearly, and release what's holding you back from opening to more love. Receive the tools to see each other's true Self, and worship one another as Divinity in form.



1 Day Immersion

2 Day Immersion 

Weekend Immersion (Friday night to Sunday)


LEVEL 1 $1750

LEVEL 2 $2500

LEVEL 3 $3500

Or if you sign up for the full program, it’s $6997 (savings of $753)


  • Foundational Tantric intimacy skills

  • Shamanic rebirthing breath

  • Sexual vitality abdominal breathing for expanding orgasmic states

  • How to set up impeccably safe, sacred containers for tantric energy sharing

  • Tantric breath-work and energy work

  • Entrainment for spiritual-sexual (cosmic) union on an energetic level

  • Types of tantric touch

  • Sensual massage techniques

  • Activating lesser known erogenous zones so that the whole body runs orgasmic energy, and how to open the channels so that one can learn to experience full body orgasm from having any body part touched

  • How to relax and calm each other’s nervous systems



  • Kundalini activation massage 

  • Keys for cosmic union, energy orgasms, and spiritual sex

  • Deeply worship and see one another’s true Self

  • Vulnerability share practice

  • Forgiveness ritual & resentment clearing ritual

  • Tantric sound frequency massage techniques 

  • Using sound vibration and mantras for opening, tuning, and clearing the chakras and your energy channels

  • Tantric Art of Worship & Bowing

  • Ritual of Yoni and Lingam altars

Olga Kramer _ photographer _ Helsinki, Finland.jpeg


  • Breath-work and physical techniques for the man to sublimate ejaculation in order to have internal orgasms and share them with his partner

  • How to do Sex Magic together (sex magic ritual entrainment)

  • Breath and energy pathways

  • Learn to do Tantric de-armouring massage on each other

  • Tantric Union Sex Coaching

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