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I had my session with Amyann at a point when I was experiencing doubt around my purpose. My session with her was the most profound 1:1 I had ever experienced - to the point where I was speechless afterwards. It was as deep and cathartic as a plant medicine ceremony. She guided me with so much compassion, and I felt the transmission so potently through my body. Amyann carries codes unlocked by someone who has done the work. She is one with the Feminine Spirits who work through her. Together, they activated a deep remembrance within me of who I am. I felt it in my blood. The confusion and questions I had coming into the session melted away to reveal the truth that was always there. I am humbled and deeply grateful for our experience together. I highly recommend her to anyone who is ready to connect to their personal power, and initiate the warrior/warriorress within them with grace and ease.

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