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Sun Nov 27

4-7:30 pm

Powerful woman, are you worn out?

Do you spend most of your energy caring for others? When's the last time you really poured into yourself or let yourself be poured into?

Come be pampered by Aphrodite's Priestesses and Healers in a tranquil spa setting with a small circle of women.

Emerge refreshed and rejuvenated, in love with yourself and life again!

Join us on November 27th from 4-7:30 pm in Roncesvalles Village in our Temple Home.

The Rose Temple

The Rose Temple is an intentional community home run by creatives and healers. 


The house used to be known as the Lighthouse, as it brought spiritual light to our city. 


Now it’s a temple home for women who were on the priestess path or rediscovering their innate ancestral feminine power. 


Our front room is a healing space for seeing clients, doing rituals and ceremony. We do our morning practices together here. Our living room is a communal creation space. We brainstorm our projects, make art and music, read fairy tales and myths by candlelight in the evenings. 


We do life together. We support one another. We share food and our hearts. We make our dreams come true, together. We PLAY 


We are rebirthing ancient temple life. 


Guests comment immediately about the peace-filled vibes here. It’s an oasis in the city.


We are so pleased to open our temple home to you for you to bask in the magic with us

Pure Spa Package

self-healing breast massage

learn to honour and nourish your own body

self-healing breast massage

learn to honour and nourish your own body

yoni steam

herbal blend to cleanse your womb