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Divine Rose Oil (Sex Safe)

Divine Rose Oil (Sex Safe)

Anoint the God-Queen/King in you. Awaken to your true self.


This is a high quality rose essential oil (in jojoba carrier oil) that is completely body safe (and pussy safe!). It is lovingly made in small batches.


Fit for honouring Priestess-Queens and Priest-Kings, it is an exquisite self-love lubricant. Enjoy with a yoni wand practice, indulgent solo self-love ritual, and/or with your beloved.


This luxurious oil is my favourite for heart-opening breast massage. It is edible, perfect for teething babies, and heals skin fungus, including herpes.


This Divine Rose Oil is intended for ritual anointing of self and others. Perfect for goddess/god worship. - This oil is made with the memory of Mary Magdalene and the choice perfume with which she anointed her beloved, Yeshua!


The Rose is an ancient symbol of the Divine Feminine frequency, and unconditional love, especially associated with the vibration of Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene. All members of the Rose family have an affinity for the Heart, and for opening the heart chakra in a gentle way. Rose can be used in Self-Love rituals.


The Rose holds the codes of the Feminine Christ, and can be used in activating Christ codes by ingesting, or anointing with/ bathing in them.


Rose is one of the MOST versatile herbs in the Priestess Path, and can be worked with in several ways. Rose can be given to those with broken hearts, or those who have recently experienced a shock, loss, or trauma. She uses a gentle frequency that can help us process, move, and transmute our feelings. In the current state of the world, Rose Medicine is needed.


An essential plant medicine tool for Magdalene Priestesses, midwives of Christ Consciousness.


Actions: anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory

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