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Embody your Divine Masculine, Unleash your True Power

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$400 for a 2-hr session - SUMMER SOLSTICE SALE - $100 off)

Divine Masculine Embodiment, Sacred Sexual Awakening

Do you want to learn the foundations of sacred sexuality & Neo-Tantra? Do you want to learn how to connect with and embody your highest divine masculine, while embracing and integrating your darkest primal urges into a cohesive whole - and translate this into a new lived reality? Are you ready to dissolve your blocks, to open your heart to realms of bliss hitherto unknown?

These therapeutic tantric coaching and embodiment sessions are tailored to meet you in the present moment of your soul's evolution, and can be any combination of:

  • guided breathwork

  • embodiment exercises

  • energy work

  • tantric touch

  • tantric massage

  • tantric ritual

  • emotional release

  • inner child healing

  • parts integration

  • sound healing

  • oracular transmission

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Multi-session Program or Retreat (inquire for offering rates)

Kingmaking is a bespoke therapeutic  initiation experience for deep and long lasting transformation on every level of your being - fuelled by ancient and modern spiritual science.

You will be guided by your own High Priestess Initiatrix through a multiple -session sacred sexual awakening program for your full Divine Masculine King embodiment. You will learn safe container creation, space holding for the feminine and her flows, polarity work, shadow work, inner child healing, forgiveness rituals, tantric transmutation breathwork and meditations, sacred sexual energy exchange, cosmic lovemaking, spiritual hygiene and channeling, energy work, tantric touch, tantric massage, yoni worship, along with temple rites which coincide with different astrological alignments, solar and/or lunar holy days.

After moving through a rigorous program tailored to your specific needs, goals, intentions, desires, and boundaries, this program culminates in an 8+ hour temple initiation ceremony into sacred sexual mysteries for cosmic alignment and multi-dimensional healing and remembrance.

This is the moment you have been waiting for your whole life - the meeting of the Goddess on your own personal Hero's Journey. 


Shamanic Breathwork Journey: Deep Detox & Reset


The shamanic breathwork session is incredibly powerful for emotional release, clearing and spiritual awakening. Deep Shamanic breathing has been found to facilitate profound emotional/trauma releases, open new channels of awareness and clear toxicity in the body. This breath technique has similarities to Holotropic breathing and naturally releases your own DMT from the pineal gland to induce altered/heightened states of consciousness. People have had experiences of returning to the womb and remembering pre-birth states during this breathwork.

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Tantric Bodywork Session & Sexological Bodywork Massage


This session will give you deepening experience of your own tantric potential, and the possibilities that open when the energy work is combined with bodywork and therapeutic sensual touch. We will be stimulating and opening your lesser known erogenous zones so you can experience more bliss, pleasure, and sensation. (Non-genital sensual touch for relaxed arousal.) This is a deep sensory immersion for opening you to your bliss body. Exquisite scents, tastes, sounds and feels will indulge & delight your senses. Prepare to deeply receive, and learn the art of yin receptivity & surrender.

This is a 3 + hour full body tantric ritual massage. If you are at a certain level of your awakening and soul evolution, it can include therapeutic lingam worship massage and prostate release (it is not a "pleasure" or "happy ending" massage). Though pleasure may result from this session, it is not the aim. This tantric therapy is for exceptionally deep healing of root issues of survival, safety, belongingness, and connectedness to the earth and the sacred feminine. You will be supported to clear deep-seated shame from your genitals and root (anus + perineum), and discover their true sacredness and divinity. This tantric therapy can be a profound emotional release process which has far reaching effects through many lifetimes and ancestral timelines. Clear many blocks in one session. Release vast amounts of stuck or stagnant energy. Come home to your body and the earth. Set yourself and your sacred sexual power free! We will begin the session by sharing intentions, owning our desires, boundaries and fears, creating an exceptionally safe and consent-based container.

You should be incorporating clearing practices in your daily routine to prepare for this.

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Ancient Mysteries: Plant Medicine Ceremony

Level 6: Inner Chambers of the Heart Initiation
$2000 (SUMMER SOLSTICE SALE - $500 off)

You must have done other work with me and you must be at a proven intermediate level of tantric energy awareness.

This is an approx 8-10-hour long lived experience of the sacred Goddess temples of old. We invoke the multidimensional Temple throughout all spacetimes and realities - and discover that our bodies are this Temple as well.

PREREQUISITES: You need to have completed other sessions or trainings with me, or their equivalent in another training or with other practitioners. You should have some prior experience with breathwork, meditation, tantra, yoga, and/or previous plant medicine ceremony before participating.

In ceremony, when we dissolve the old outdated programs and energy blocks, allowing our egos to take a back seat to our Higher (or Transpersonal) Selves, we get to play sovereign and FREE in the Quantum Field and experience Eden on Earth! We can unlock a cocktail of bliss in our own beings. Cosmic orgasms are very real when you've cleared your blocks. You will experience light body activations and crystalline DNA activations.

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Luxury Program: *Divine Infinite Love*

Elite Day Retreat

Are you a man that has self-created almost everything he's ever wanted, who is at an elite level of performance & productivity, and yet deep within, you can't shake the feeling that there's something missing?

No matter how many possessions you acquire, how many accolades you achieve, there is a nagging sense of something more that you haven't yet been able to uncover?

Does sex feel shallow or still unfulfilling despite how many taboos, extremes, and fetishes you've explored?

Do you feel blocked in being able to give/ receive deep, earth-shattering, heart-cracking intimacy with yourself & another? Are you blocked to truly unconditional Love?

Do you want to build a (re)new(ed) world from the top down, with the highest good for All, vibrational Soul-alignment - the Law of Love as your guiding star?

Are you interested in learning how sex can become a cosmic experience of your full divinity in form? And how you can use your sexual power for healing & for Good?

It is my experience that we don't have desires that we were not meant to fulfill.

I believe what you are looking for is found in deep INNER INTIMACY, unlocked by entering a safe container with a divine feminine, who holds the frequencies of Great Mother, Lover, Sister, Daughter, Grandmother, Wild Woman, and Queen in your presence - a High Priestess and Oracle of ancient proportions: a sacred, unconditionally loving mirror to reflect your Soul's greatness.

Step outside of linear time and transcend the confines of your mind.

*Divine Infinite Love* is a living experience of the Goddess temples of ancient times. You will unlock ancient mysteries of divine inner union, for setting yourself and your ultimate divine pleasure & ecstasy free!

You will also learn how to feel another as yourself, so there is no more violation. This is a deep, multidimensional & ancestral healing of our relationships with ourselves, the other, the Earth Mother, and to the Feminine as a whole. Discover true inner peace.

This program is an 8-hour immersion retreat into Divine Infinite Love, sacred sexuality (Tantric secrets), quantum healing, true & lasting transformation on every level of your being.

Are you ready to set yourself free & fulfill what your heart's been asking for?

No more separation. No more condemnation.

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