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Green Magdalene Yoni Steam

Green Magdalene Yoni Steam

The Yoni Steam or vaginal steam bath is an ancient practice, widespread throughout the world since antiquity but forgotten largely in the west over the last centuries. This ritual is your key to natural feminine health care and your self-care regime.

Yoni steaming has many benefits to the uterus and vagina. It can be used to support women's health in various cases: endometriosis, fertility, painful periods, cysts, etc.

Steam baths work exactly like inhalations: they use steam from a container with boiling water and medicinal plants.

The mucous membranes of the vulva and the tissues of the vagina have a high absorption capacity. The steam from the bowl carries the volatile molecules, the active ingredients of the plants, and stimulates blood circulation in the tissues.


- Reduction of menstrual flow and brown color (residue) at the end of menstruation.

- Reduction of pain, exhaustion and bloating caused by menstruation.

- Stabilization of the reproductive system in post-natal period. Stimulates fertility. Regulates the menstrual cycle

- Promotes healing of ovarian cysts, uterine fibroids, uterine prolapse, endometriosis.

- Soothes episiotomy, vaginal tears and caesarean scars

- Promotes healing of hemorrhoids

- Relieves menopausal symptoms

- Eliminates toxins from the body, especially from the uterus

Our “Green Magdalene Yoni Steam” was specially formulated by a Clinical herbalist & medicine woman. It’s made in small batches with love.

Directions: Place a handful of the herbs lovingly in a bowl. Connect with them in your heart field. Pour boiling water over the herbs as you would for a tea. Remove your bottoms and underwear. Use a skirt or a towel to wrap around your waste, and create a tent over you and the steam as you squat or do child’s pose over the bowl. Separate your labia, breathe deeply, and connect with the waters and the herbs. Let yourself be cleansed. Release all energies/ imprints/toxins that are no longer serving into the water. Do this for about 20 mins. Let yourself go into a meditative trance, connecting with your yoni.

N.B. It is advised that you do not yoni steam when you are menstruating.

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