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Sunday Nov 27

11-2 pm

4-7 pm


Self Breast Massage

learn to honour and nourish your own body

Yoni Steam

herbal blend to cleanse your most sacred spot

Face Mask

rose-infused face mask to calm and nurture your skin

Sound Bath

a beautiful soundscape to close out your afternoon or evening

1 hour of healing sessions

Upgrade your spa experience for $111 more to receive a session from each of our healers.

You will get bodywork, cranio-sacral & energy work & massage.


Angela Schmidt

Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Energy Work

Amyann is a celestial being here on earth who is guiding humanity to the greatest unraveling yet. Her presence and energy is beautiful, pure, light, joyful and orgasmic.


Dana Day

RMT & 

My womb got so hot during my session with Amyann. I was healing from a lost child. I connected with her spirit. I cried so many tears and released so much grief and pain and was filled with such trust, faith, and bliss..


Paula Dicu

Ancestral Healing

I experience daily energetic shifts and have ignited higher levels of pleasure. 


Full Line of Rose Products

Upgrade your spa experience for $111 more to receive all of these boutique, herbalist-crafted products to take home.
They're the products we'll be using in the spa!

Choose your Spa Experience

No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.
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