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For Couples

Sacred Sexual Awakening & Divine Union

For couples looking to experience new depths (and heights) of intimacy, presence, and states of extended ecstasy. Dissolve the blocks to seeing one another clearly, and release what's holding you back from opening to more love. Receive the tools to see each other's true Self, and worship one another as Divinity in form.

Image by Gemma Chua-Tran

Tantric Massage Ritual Training (Part 1)


This is a 4 hour mini-retreat & training for couples. 

In it you will learn: 

  • Foundational Tantric intimacy skills, such as eye-gazing

  • Sexual vitality abdominal breathing for expanding orgasmic states

  • Tantric breathwork and energy work

  • How to set up impeccably safe, sacred containers for tantric energy sharing

  • Entrainment for spiritual-sexual (cosmic) union on an energetic level 

  • Types of tantric touch

  • Sensual massage techniques

  • Kundalini activation massage

  • Activating lesser known erogenous zones so that the whole body runs orgasmic energy, and how to open the channels so that one can learn to experience orgasm from having any body part touched

  • Keys for cosmic union and spiritual sex

  • Chakra toning for opening and clearing the energetic power centres and glands of the body

  • How to relax and calm each other’s nervous systems

  • Deeply worship and see one another’s true Self

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This is a 8-hour training available to those who have completed the Level 1 Couples' Tantric Massage Ritual Training, and have been integrating the practices at home. This 2nd level of the training takes you and your beloved into deeper intimacy and connection practices including:

  • Vulnerability share

  • Forgiveness ritual (so powerful) 

  • Resentment clearing ritual (essential)

  • Tantric sound frequency massage techniques - using sound vibration and mantras for opening, toning, and clearing the chakras and your energy channels

  • Tantric Art of Worship & Bowing  

  • Ritual of Yoni and Lingam altars

  • Breathwork and physical techniques for the man to sublimate ejaculation in order to have internal orgasms and share them with his partner

  • Tantric genital massage - "Sacred Spot" massage: lingam, prostate and yoni worship

N.B. If you sign up for both levels at once you receive a $200 discount. 

Image by michal dziekonski

Tantric Plant Medicine Ceremony


This is an approx 8-hour long lived experience of the sacred Goddess temples of old. We invoke the multidimensional Temple throughout all spacetimes and realities - and discover that our bodies are this Temple as well.

PREREQUISITES: You need to have completed other sessions or trainings with me, or their equivalent in another training or with other practitioners. You should have some prior experience with breathwork, meditation, tantra, yoga, and/or previous plant medicine ceremony before participating.

In ceremony, when we dissolve the old outdated programs and energy blocks, allowing our egos to take a back seat to our Higher (or Transpersonal) Selves, we get to play sovereign and FREE in the Quantum Field and experience Eden on Earth! We can unlock a cocktail of bliss in our own beings. Cosmic orgasms are very real when you've cleared your blocks. You will experience light body activations and crystalline DNA activations, as well as kundalini consciousness expansion.

You will experience who you truly are, and your soul-contracts as a couple, and that remembrance changes everything.

We came to Amyann with a desire to learn more about the Temple Arts and how we might embrace the tools of tantra to enhance our relationship, both spiritually and sexually. This was our first experience as a couple with the Arts, and we were a little nervous. But all those nerves melted away in the first few minutes of being and breathing with Amyann, who created for us the safest and most beautiful, comforting and magical space in which to rediscover our true selves. 


Our walls fell down, and we were able to fully see and be one with the other in the purest sense.  With Amyann’s gentle guidance, compassion, positive energy and incredible ability to transmit her goddess powers to others, we left our session in awe.  It was so much more than we ever imagined. Every exercise she took us through (meditation and breath work, connection, massage) had a profound emotional impact and filled us with an overwhelming sense of joy, acceptance, gratitude and deep connection. 


Amyann has empowered us to unlock so much more love, truth and passion, both in ourselves and with each other.  

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