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This is a four-week course to unlock your greatest pleasure and most expanded orgasmic bliss. More info: Opening to your fullest (limitless) orgasmic capacity needs to be practiced. It's like going to the gym to build muscle mass, or getting on the yoga mat to stretch and meditate. You need to train your nervous system that it is SAFE to surrender and experience new heights (and depths) of pleasure. If you want to practice this in a container and GO even DEEPER... then join our 4 week OH School: Week 1: ORGASMIC EXPANSION You will be given daily guidance to practice a step-by-step formula for awakening your most multi-orgasmic self. This is the formula that will activate full body orgasms, energygasms, and all different types of orgasms beyond clitoral. With these practices, you will train your nervous system that it is safe to surrender. You will also heal your ancestral/ genetic limited beliefs around your sexual pleasure. Week 2: ORGASMIC ALCHEMY Now that you have the full formula to expand into orgasmic bliss, in Week 2 you will learn how to do Orgasmic Alchemy for Self-Healing. This is a profoundly transformative formula where we don’t ascend out of our human experience, we descend into our wise bodies, and alchemize the shit... with our pussies. Week 3: ORGASMIC MANIFESTATION In this third week you will learn the ancient secret of Orgasmic Manifestation (Sex Magic). We will rewrite our self-scripts, our limiting beliefs holding us back from the life and world we want to be living in, and weave a new reality for ourselves (and the planet) - with BLISS. We will literally MAGNETIZE our highest aligned dreams. Now you are a true Sex Witch, guuurl! Week 4: ORGASMIC CREATION - Turn on your Artistic Genius with Sexual Energy. PLUS BONUS - Squirt School: unlock squirting orgasms. Join me in The OH School 4-week Training Intensive.

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