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Orgasmic Healing

Ancient Wisdom for Modern Life

Feeling stuck?
Held back by shame, or fear of what others will think?
Fear of your own true power?
Are you "punishing" yourself by not allowing yourself the full spectrum of pleasure?

Set yourself free!

Orgasmic Healing may be for you if you're looking for:


  • a deeper sense of connection with your intuition, your Innermost Self/Source

  • mind-blowing orgasmic pleasure

  • greater sensation in your body

  • expansive heart opening to receive unconditional love

  • expanded intimacy with yourself and others

  • more inner peace and calm

  • more energy and power

  • kundalini awakening

  • more embodiment

  • divine inner union 

It's also for you if you're being called into:


  • ancient spiritual-sexual magic

  • the Rose Lineage of Temple Arts

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Working with me may transport you to the Goddess Temples of old. 

You will feel vibrational alignment with who you truly are. 

As you sit with an oracular priestess in multidimensional temple space, you discover your own healing gifts, you learn to trust the wisdom of your holy body, remembering your original blueprint of divine innocence. 

You will bask in the Divine Mother's unconditional love, and be nourished with full acceptance of yourself in this moment. When you allow yourself to receive full acceptance and unconditional love, you set yourself free to become the most aligned version of you that you can be!

Discover your true essence as Creator/Creatrix of your reality.

It is safe to create your Heaven on Earth! 

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