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The Awakened Womb

Activate. Elevate. Liberate.

A 5-week initiation into your most

orgasmic, liberated,  Feminine Self

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Your reclaimed femininity is the key to your most liberated Self.

Hi Beauty, I see you

The TRUE YOU, underneath the conditioning you've taken on. I created this program for you to...


Embody your sensual Feminine Essence

Unlock your unique expression

Experience shame-free pleasure and ecstasy

Have a deeper connection to all aspects of your body and intuition

Cherish yourself and heal unworthiness

Learn Feminine Tantric Arts & Sacred Sexuality

Deepen your feminine magnetism and attract the life you long for

Fulfill your hearts desires and manifest your dreams

Align to your highest Self

Tap into your creativity & flow

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You'll receive:

Feminine Embodiment Training

honour your natural cycles, and embody your full spectrum of feminine archetypes

Womb Healing & Awakening

clear your womb and pussy of other's peoples' energies, trauma, density, and blockages so they become the pure portal of your highest creations

Live in Harmony with Feminine Flow 

energetic hormonal balancing, emotional cleansing, magnetic living; highest Source alignment & manifestation of your dream life

Tantric Skills & Orgasmic Healing

liberate your pleasure and feel cosmic ecstasy in connection with yourself, first

Yoni Egg Yoga Training

get out of the mind and into the body. Turn on your multi-orgasmic capacity, increase natural wetness, balance hormones and libido, transmute sexual energy into personal genius

Trust Your Intuition, Self-Love

clear your blocks, learn self-love practices, heal self-hatred and self-sabotage patterns; blossom your unique creativity

Live Calls

6 live calls, community & sisterhood in a ceremonial container


meditations for your healing and your highest source manifestation

Video Tutorials

easy-to-use course platform, lessons in easily digestible chunks

Online Community

connect, learn & share with other women in the course through the online app

Embodiment Practices

practices for every phase of your womb cycle

Tantric Breathwork

transformational breathwork practices for reprogramming the subconscious

Weekly Rituals

rituals for honouring and working with the unique hormones and energetics of each season of your cycle