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Queen-Making: Retreat

Divine Feminine 1:1 Retreat

  • 1 hour
  • Starting at ..
  • Roncesvalles Avenue

Service Description

Inquire for pricing; uniquely tailored to you (can be 1-5 days) This retreat is offered in tropical locations in Mexico and Costa Rica. It is also offered in a natural setting or luxurious temple location in Ontario, Canada. Other locations are possible (inquire). ​ Are you a woman who is tasting more of her power and more soul-alignment than ever, but you've been encountering new layers of blocks which are in the way from stepping into more of yourself? Perhaps you are seeing where shame, guilt, self-abandonment, trauma, self-betrayal, and fear are tethering you to old, limiting timelines. Do you feel blocked to experiencing/ receiving deep, earth-shattering, heart-cracking intimacy (and/or orgasms) with yourself and/or another? Are you able to fully surrender with abandon to truly unconditional Love? Do you yearn to experience cosmic orgasms? Do you want to birth a (re)new(ed) world from a fully soul-aligned place, with your Heart and Womb married as one? - With the highest good for All, the Law of Love as your guiding star? Are you interested in learning how sex can become a cosmic experience of your full divinity in form? And how you can use your sexual power & pleasure for healing & for Good? Do you long to set your ecstasy and your Wild Woman free? Are you ready to embody more of your Sovereign Self - your archetypes including wise woman, wild woman, crone, Red Priestess, Great Mother, empowered maiden (no longer the victim/damsel in distress), Huntress, Queen? You will journey in a safe container & feel the bliss of returning to Cosmic Womb, to retrieve your soul fragments from this and other timelines. Dive deep into your body's ancient wells of intuitive knowledge. This retreat is a living experience of the Goddess temples of ancient times. This is a deep, multidimensional & ancestral healing of our relationships with ourselves, the other, the Earth Mother, and to the Feminine & Masculine as a whole. This program is an elite immersion retreat in the Temples of Isis sacred sexuality, quantum healing, true & lasting transformation on every level of your being. Are you ready to set yourself free & fulfill what your heart's been asking for? No more separation. No more condemnation. Retreat includes integration practices to take home, as well as sacred embodiment products.

Contact Details

  • Roncesvalles Avenue, Toronto, ON, Canada

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