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Queen-Making: Priestess Training

Womb Priestess Training

  • 30 hours
  • 7,500 Canadian dollars
  • Roncesvalles Avenue

Service Description

3-Day, 1:1 in-person Training Intensive Retreat (or can be spread out in 6-8 shorter sessions over 2 months, online and in-person. Are you lit up by teaching others how to turn pain, trauma, and separation into orgasmic pleasure, power & connection? Are you feeling called to the Rose Priestess lineage - to be a Midwife of Christ consciousness in these times, as well as a Doula of Ego-Death? Are you ready to transmute your shame & unworthiness and to embody more of your Sovereign Leader Self - embodying your Sacred Feminine archetypes such as Red Priestess, Wise Woman/Oracle, Crone, Great Mother, Wild Woman, Empowered Maiden (no longer the victim/damsel in distress), Huntress, Warrioress, Queen? Are you amped to facilitate transformation containers for other women to embody their truest authentic Self, to live their fullest potential, not denying pleasure and joy, but embracing it - and be naturally flowing with sexual life-force energy?! The keys for unlocking more of your gifts, my dear, are found in the Deep Dark - in the bliss of feminine surrender. This is an initiation and training into ancient Womb Priestess magic and rites, including the Underworld* journey rites of Inanna/Ishtar, for ego death, and brilliant soul-aligned rebirth - as Queen of Heaven, Earth, and Underworld. You will learn how to facilitate initiation journeys for yourself & others in a safe container, and feel the ecstasy of returning to the Cosmic Womb, to retrieve your soul fragments, and to embody them in the 3D. Dive deep into your body's ancient wells of intuitive knowledge, set yourself Free - plus learn the tools to help others to do the same. ​ ​*the Underworld is the realm of the Subconscious/Unconscious: the deep oceanic depths of the Feminine Soul

Contact Details

  • Roncesvalles Avenue, Toronto, ON, Canada

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