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Kingmaking: Coaching Packages

Exclusive Tantric Transformation Program

  • 30 minutes
  • By application
  • Roncesvalles Avenue

Service Description

Are you a man that has self-created almost everything he's ever wanted, who is at an elite level of performance & productivity, and yet deep within, you can't shake the feeling that there's something missing? No matter how many possessions you acquire, how many accolades you achieve, there is a nagging sense of something more that you haven't yet been able to uncover? Does sex feel shallow or still unfulfilling despite how many taboos, extremes, and fetishes you've explored? Do you feel blocked in being able to give/ receive deep, earth-shattering, heart-cracking intimacy with yourself & another? Are you blocked to truly unconditional Love? Are you interested in learning how sex can become a cosmic experience of your full divinity in form? And how you can use your sexual power for healing & for Good? This program is designed to meet you where you are at on your life path and spiritual awakening journey, and to give you *exactly* the support you need to clear the blocks to your next level of empowerment and divine embodiment. You will be given practical tools to heal your relationships with women and also to become the master of your sexual energy, as well as a master lover. WHEN YOU HAVE MASTERED YOUR SEXUAL ENERGY: You are living your fullest potential as a man You have more energy and focus You aren’t a slave to your sexual impulses You are a master lover to your woman You are living on purpose and on mission You open to more pleasure, creativity, and love Program include activations, initiations, guided tantric practices, transformational breathwork, energy work, sexual transmutation training, spiritual sex training, and nervous system regulation. Plus ongoing texting support. Application Form: *When you click the "Request to Book" button you will be taken to a calendar to request your free 30 minute consultation call. You will not receive an approval unless you fill out the above form. PACKAGES: 2-month: 4 x 90-120 min sessions, every 2 weeks 4-month VIP (virtual): 8 x 90-120 min sessions every 2 weeks 4-month VIP (in-person): 6 x 120 min sessions every 2 weeks + 3-hour tantric de-armouring massage, + 8 hour tantric plant medicine ceremony (total of 8 sessions) INVESTMENT: 2-month program: $3500 4-month VIP (virtual): $6500 4-month VIP (in-person): $9500

Contact Details

  • Roncesvalles Avenue, Toronto, ON, Canada

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