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King-Making: Level 3

Tantric/Shamanic Goddess Worship

  • 2 hours
  • 1,000 Canadian dollars
  • Roncesvalles Avenue

Service Description

One of my favourite rituals is Throne Worship. Clients say they have psychedelic experiences in my presence, and at my command. This is a tantric-shamanic ritual experience. If you are ready to marry spirituality with your sensuality/sexuality, to experience heaven on earth, then this offering is for you. I will embody the Goddess of your wildest dreams for you, as you obey my commands, and worship at my Throne. - And if you want to be worshipped yourself, this is how you learn to do it well. You will be entrained to the energy of devotion. Consider this a visit to the ancient temple Oracle: you bring your best self for deep devotion and honouring or the feminine, and her needs. It has far-rippling effects for the rest of your life, your relationships, and for the collective. What may be included to please me: - foot worship - bowing, prostration - Confessions to the Goddess & Forgiveness/Absolution Ritual - light impact play - light domination & submission energies - dedicating your sexual/sensual, and orgasmic energy to the Goddess - ejaculation-sublimation (full body orgasm without ejaculation) - awakening your kundalini and third eye - taking control over your impulses and mind - telling you exactly how to pleasure me (this may not include any physical touch - I am extremely sensitive to energy and I will guide you into what is most pleasing - that can include you energetically making love to the earth, etc) - ancient Goddess temples vibes, Medieval & Renaissance timelines - I will teach you Cosmic Energy Sex (no physical penetration) - once we have a rapport and build a professional tantric relationship, I may grant you access to deeper feminine mysteries... N.B. This ritual may take place fully clothed or partially clothed. It is multidimensional. Do no expect full nakedness, nor a “regular” experience of any sort. This is not a “happy ending” or release ritual. You will maintain your lifeforce energy seed and experience sublimation of the sexual energy. Leave all expectations at the door. Finally, be prepared to experience your sensuality and sexuality in a different way. There may be very little physical touching and likely no exposure of the genitalia as most work takes place energetically. This is an initiation into ancient rites and Goddess mysteries. N.B. Gifts are encouraged and will make me extra delighted: roses, flowers, fine chocolates, jewelry.

Contact Details

  • Roncesvalles Avenue, Toronto, ON, Canada

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