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VIP Mentorship 
& Initiation for Women

Imagine . . .

You are living your fullest potential as a feminine leader. When you walk into a room, people turn their heads to witness your confidence and alluring presence. Men and women are magnetically drawn to you. You are sensually embodied. You make life decisions based on your deep trust in your intuition.


You lead from a place of divine inner union between your Masculine and Feminine. You are a tantric initiatrix of your lover(s) into higher consciousness through "pussy enlightenment". You are multi-orgasmic & Kundalini-awakened.

You express yourself fully, and don't hold yourself back. Your creativity and sexual energy is flowing freely. You have deep trust in yourself. You lead from a place of surrender to your inner core, rather than from the limited ego-mind. 


You live in harmony with your feminine cycles, honouring your womb's wisdom. You have found your heart-centred purpose. You are dedicated to devotional love. You consistently open your heart and body to more pleasure, creativity, and love, even in uncomfortable and difficult situations. 


You've brought your shamed, rejected parts back to love so they no longer rule you from the shadows. You've dissolved your blocks to your next level expansion. Your nervous system is regulated. Men desire to worship you, and you can fully receive it.

You have achieved mastery. You are the sovereign Queen - Creatrix of your Reality.


You are the Divine Feminine, embodied.


I'm Here for You . . .


I have dedicated my life to this service. It is my deep heart's calling: to initiate women (& men) into their highest consciousness & deep embodiment, so together we transform the world.


Queenmaking is a VIP Tantric Coaching & Healing Program, designed from 5 years of working with women in the realms of somatic healing, womb healing & awakening, energy & body work, feminine tantric arts, rites of passage, plant medicine ceremony, & transformational coaching. 


I've helped hundreds of men and women transform their lives and become their best self, and to open to new realms of exquisite intimacy.


I have some keys that your soul left with me ...

1:1, just you and me, high level tantric coaching. I welcome senior management leaders, executives, entrepreneurs. Any woman who is driven and has achieved success the "masculine" way, yet is feeling disconnected from her feminine, and wants to break through to next levels. 


You will be guided through a 4-month ego death, transformation & rebirthing container to become the Divine Queen you always knew was inside you. Your own Heroine's Journey.


It's time .

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In Ancient times . . .


Royal Queens & Kings/Pharaohs would come to the High Priestess to be initiated into Higher Consciousness so that they could rule from full integrity & humble devotion to the feminine principle of life.


Today these mysteries are becoming available to you... the Earth is raising up conscious leaders once more.

In this program you will:

  • Let go of outdated versions of yourself so you are free to expand into your next level of embodiment

  • Heal deep-seated pain and trauma that has been blocking your life-force energy from flowing freely

  • Reprogram your subconscious beliefs 

  • Bring shamed/ rejected parts of you into unconditional love & acceptance

  • Meet your Shadow & heal your inner child

  • Learn to alchemize your intense emotions into pure energy

  • Elevate your Consciousness

  • Learn how sex can be a spiritual act and gateway into spiritual evolution

  • Notice where you've been numbing out and distracting yourself from feeling the depths of your emotions

  • Channel your sexual lifeforce energy to fuel your highest dreams & aspirations

  • Learn conscious communication and intimacy skills

  • Learn how keep your heart open in even the most uncomfortable situations

  • Master your sexual impulses rather than being controlled by them (meet your "inner Dragon" and ride it)

  • Reclaim your sovereignty

  • Learn to use your sexual power as an initiatory force - initiating the masculine into spiritual awakening.

  • Connect your primal (dark) feminine power to your heart

  • Be reborn as your divinity in form, experience inner union

Are you READY ?

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4-Month Full Support

woman in black brassiere and gold-colored crown_edited.jpg

1:1 Coaching

Private mentoring

1:1 coaching sessions, once every other week for 16 weeks

(8 x 90-120 mins each)



meditations for body awareness and entering states of deep inner peace 

Full Texting Support

Private texting support in between your sessions

Transformational Breathwork

Guided breathwork for deep somatic and subconscious reprogramming

Embodiment Practices

practices for integrating every phase of your heroine's journey

Sex Magic Training

How to direct sexual energy for higher states of consciousness -  to manifest your dreams

Initiation Ceremony

Initiation into higher level consciousness and your unique divine embodiment

Tantric Secrets

Ancient secrets for cellular rejuvenation, longer life, multiple orgasms & kundalini energygasms

Your Heroine 's Journey .to

Chapter 1: The Call
(Week 1 & 2) 


In this first chapter we will look at all the places you have separated yourself from your feminine essence, and taken on the masculine energetic to survive. We will begin to heal the inner rift using techniques such as:

  • Womb Wheel orientation

  • Heart opening breast massage 

  • MAIDEN phase - leaving the mother - dissolving the energetiumbilical cord

  • Shadow-Work: Meeting your resistance to your next expansion/embodiment 

  • Reclaiming your primal feminine body

  • Sexual Vitality Abodominal Breathing for expanded orgasmic states

  • Out of the head into the body (embodiment practice)

Attractive girl in the yellow dress_edited.jpg
Image by Jingxi Lau

Chapter 2: The Helpers

(Week 3 & 4)


We set the stage for you to become a leader in the spiritual planes as well as the physical. On the Heroine's Journey, this is supernatural aid and crossing the threshold into the unknown.

  • Ancestral connection and guides; spiritual protection

  • Working ritualistically

  • Spiritual leadership

  • Mind focus techniques, third eye opening

  • Creating safe containers

  • Body compass training - honing your feminine intuition

  •  Womb journey to meet your feminine wisdom keepers

  • Self womb massage

  • Deeper feminine connection - meeting the grandmothers, becoming one’s own Mother

Chapter 3: The Descent

(Week 5 & 6)

  • The descent: taking off the trappings of the upper world and masculine success

  • Mirrorwork to meet the soul

  • Emotional alchemy to clear trauma & stuck energy

  • Yoni work

  • Wild woman embodiment

Image by Jonathan Kemper

Chapter 4: Into the Dark (Week 7 & 8)

“In the Cave you fear to enter lies the treasure that you seek” - Joseph Campbell


Part 1 

  • Meet your Dragon

  • Primal Feminine Embodiment (Seduce & Destroy)

  • Reclaiming your Dark Feminine 

  • Take back your power

  • Yoni dearmouring

  • Shamanic Rebirthing Breathwork

  • Ego death

Chapter 5: The Revelation

(Week 9 & 10)


Part 2

  • The Inner Child & the Shadow

  • Wounded princess and shadow queen aspects

  • Healing the father wound

  • Break the chains


(Heroine’s journey - Death and the Rebirth, The Revelation)

Image by Alex Mihai C
Image by K. Mitch Hodge

Chapter 6: Meeting the Crone & Menstrual Mysteries  (Week 11 & 12)


  • Receive the blessing of the Crone Goddess, Lady of the Otherworld

  • Learn menstrual magic

  • Masculine-feminine forgiveness ritual 

Chapter 7: The Crowning (Week 13 & 14)


  • Tantric Initiation of your Queen-self

  • Kundalini ascension and descension

  • Gift of the Goddess: Womb Enlightenment

  • Embodying the dragon, all archetypes 

  • Polarity play

  • Worship and devotion  


N.B. If you have the ability to come in-person for this chapter, we can do an 8-hour Tantric Plant Medicine ceremony initiation (for additional investment). Otherwise it can be done and transmitted virtually.

Image by Jared Subia
Image by Celeste Horrocks

Chapter 8: Closing & Integration

(Week 15 & 16)


  • Divine Feminine Embodiment

  • Returning to “real world” with the treasure

  • Bringing it all home


"I had so many blocks to feeling my own pleasure and I couldn't experience orgasms with a partner. Queenmaking allowed me to clear my religious shame programming. My body unlocked. Now I experience energy orgasms without any physical stimulation!" - K.S.


"With Queenmaking, I discovered my soul's purpose and I am pursuing my dreams. I can't recommend this highly enough." - D.C.


On Every Level



4-month Queenmaking: 8 x 90-120 min sessions every 2 weeks

The program includes full texting and voice note support, guided audios, recorded videos, and integration practices to do at home. 



4-month VIP: $8500

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