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For Individual & Collective Transformation
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Are you a woman who is bravely ready to break

generational curses?

 Is it time to dissolve the fear blocking you from

living your dreams?


This Live Temple Workshop (Playshop) will empower you in sisterhood... 

To receive the Mother’s Blessing for

stepping into your most powerfully expressed,

confident Main Character Self &

liberate kundalini for your Soul Purpose

Join us for this LIVE Workshop...

Be empowered with embodiment tools to live a fully expressed life of purpose and fulfillment, from your Soul; becoming the author of your True Story

Date: May 23rd, 2024 | Time: 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM EST

You are one click away from transformational magic


You WILL receive...

  • Learn how to locate the ancestral curses (stored as beliefs in the body) and reverse them

  • Receive the Mother’s Blessing: releasing vast amounts of creative energy to direct towards your purpose

  • Reprogram your subconscious patterning

  • Tools to regulate your nervous system & activate the bliss body

  • Breathwork for getting out of the head into the body (where all your wisdom is)

  • A container for healing through play

  • Bring to life Mythic archetypal stories for embodiment and transformation

  • And MORE! - Connection, fun, expanding your network, laughing & being silly, lightening up the healing journey

Queen, this is for you if...

  • You feel paralyzed by analysis, caught in patterns and mind-loops that you can't seem to get out of

  • You know you are ready for a whole lot more in your life, work, relationships, and leadership

  • You want to live a life of confidence, soul purpose and impactful power, not blocked by fear

  • You are on the cusp of your next most creative expansion but don't know what to do to push through

  • You want to turn your karma into dharma (soul service) as the conscious author of your story

  • You are fed up with your current life situation; it’s getting far too uncomfortable; and you want to set more kundalini lifeforce free

This is not for YOU if...

  • If you are feeling vast amounts of creative energy and expansion already and know exactly your purpose, direction and plans to get where you know you are going

  • You are operating consistently in flow states and are completely content with how your life looks and operates

  • You are happy with your patterns and the kind of life experiences and relationships you’ve attracted up til now. You love yourself unconditionally and choose conscious joy through every circumstance life throws at you

An Important Message From Your Instructor,

Amyann Faul...

I'm taking years of experience & giving you my Embodied Transmission & practical tools to receive the Mother’s Blessing to step into your most powerfully expressed, confident Main Character Self & liberate your Soul Purpose  

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"14 years ago I left my fundamentalist Christian upbringing, the church, and my young marriage to seek the Divine Feminine form of God, and what I sensed was the wisdom in Nature. I was called a witch and seen as dangerous.


5.5 years ago, I left a cozy long-term relationship. At the same time the universe kicked my ass into leaving the unfulfilling 9-5 job that was keeping me small. A terrible lie was spread about me; I even had police questioning me. Again I felt the witch-persecution wound. I realized I'd been living in rebellion of my mother’s dogmatic fear-based beliefs this whole time. In my consistent attempts to break free of the CURSE OF HER FEAR I expended so much energy. But in rebelling against it, I was still enabling her Curse... I was shown how certain patterns I was stuck in are a direct result of this Curse. Sometimes we don’t even know where our fear of stepping out into our power/expression/ truth comes from... a lot of the time it’s not even ours!


My Soul showed me a very powerful embodiment technique for REVERSING THE CURSE on cellular and subconscious levels. I learned how to turn the Curse into the Blessing that’s actually underneath it!

Hi love, 

My name is Amyann Faul and I've been where you are. I know what it feels like to not be able to live a life of abundance from your fullest feminine expression, and make a powerful impact living your Soul purpose…

I know the way your soul starts to ache inside you, longing for something more...

And after years of dealing with that…

I figured out the secret that changed everything for me…

To the point that today…

✅ I went from working a 9-5 job that depleted me to running a heart-led spiritual business from my fullest expression…

✅ From wishing I could unlock my inner artist to being an international performance artist, storyteller, writer, and director and I'm making the art I'd always dreamed of making…

✅ I have been reversing my "Mother's Curse" and receiving my "Mother's Blessing" in order to become who I am today…


And I’m inviting YOU and a group of incredible women to join me in this  3-Hour Temple Playshop to learn how YOU can too!

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Amyann Faul

Amyann Faul (M.E.S.) is a Tantric Embodiment Facilitator, Sacred Sexuality Coach, somatic healer, and performance artist. She is the creator of the Orgasmic Healing Method - which is a combination of ancient and modern science to help you turn your pain into pleasure and your trauma into power, using your creation energy. Amyann delights in helping people discover their own innate superpowers and become their own healers. She has initiated hundreds of women into their unique feminine power and helped them come home to their deep feminine soul.

fuck YES?

Join us in the Temple!


Safe Group Container

Space will be held for you by Amyann and a guest assistant facilitator to meet deep parts of yourself. 

Trauma-informed approach.


Meditation for body awareness and entering states of deep inner peace 

Guided Self-healing

You will be taken through a ceremonial Self-healing practice for deep transformation

Transformational Breathwork

Guided breathwork for deep somatic and subconscious reprogramming

Embodiment Practices

Tools for regulating the nervous system, getting you out of the head into the body

Mythic Storytelling

Receive the codes of this liberation in the form of mythic stories that you get to be immersed in. Embody the archetypes you need for your own Heroine's Quest

Emotional Alchemy

Learn proven techniques to transform stuck emotion/pain/ negative beliefs into pleasure, power, and purpose

Tantric Secrets

Ancient secrets for cellular rejuvenation, longer life, and transformation

What's Included:

"I have literally found my POWER. I don't know how it was so buried beneath the old story paradigm and the beliefs I now realize had inherited from my mother. Those beliefs were attracting situations in my life that often really upset and depressed me. After working with Amyann I know how to "reverse the curses and receive the blessings." I was so lethargic and stuck in mind-loops before. This changes everything. So much energy has been liberated inside me (not to mention insane orgasmic pleasure!) and I'm stepping into inspired action on my Soul's Path. THANK YOU!" - Sarah K.


"After The OH SCHOOL course with Amyann, I have all of this lifeforce energy flowing and I'm like WHAT DO I DO WITH ALL THIS? People are noticing me and being magnetized to me. It's just a ton of energy! I'm excited to use this energy to CREATE ART!" - P


From clients who were ready to break generational curses, and dissolve the fear blocking them from living their dreams ...

"Hey Amyann, just wanted to give you an update on what's going on with me after doing Queenmaking with you. I'm still doing the practices, reflecting, and integrating. I've been feeling more connected to my yoni and sacred pleasure and it has allowed me to have more cries and visions after climaxing. I've been seeing my inner child and talking to her to validate her. Today, after climaxing I had a vision in which an older wise woman (maybe another version of me) kept telling me "welcome back" and "we've missed you" which touched me and made me cry. I also wanted to let you know that I'm pursuing my dreams and my soul purpose to become a Tantric Dominatrix and have completed my first training. I'm feeling my full expression come on board! - M

"It was so wonderful, thank you so much for putting it together and holding such a safe and expansive container, Amyann. It's so needed in the tantra space" -M.L.


"Throughout my time of working with Amyann I busted through a lot of patterns, including two major patterns I’d been running connected to my Mom and Dad. My father was a hero of mine, but the way I held our relationship after he died was holding me back from being my own man. And I figured out that something I’d been struggling with for 35 years was connected to moment in my relationship with my Mom. It was a regression that impacted how I’d been showing up in all my romantic relationships, and to uncover it and breakthrough it was massive. About 4-months into my work with Amyann, I started a new relationship with a woman that was so far out of my pattern I didn't even see her when she came into my life. Only because of the work with Amyann was I ready for her. She is a queen, and I have shown up for her in way that I've never shown up for anyone in my life. From day one, I’ve had the tools, the confidence, and the capacity to show up as the king that I am. To be her rock, and to let her be mine.


We just celebrated our one-year anniversary, I am finally in the kind of amazing relationship I’ve dreamed of all my life. If you’re thinking of working with Amyann, my advice would be to not let fear hold you back. Choose to trust yourself, and even more, choose to trust her. She is a master of somatic alchemy and a goddess of the highest order. If you're thinking about it, you probably already know it's a path for you. Like me, you might be making it about money or time or any other number of excuses; but it’s about you. It’s about what is possible, and the King or Queen you could be in your life. Don't let fear stop you from stepping into that person. We will often hold on to what we know, even in the face of what we want. My work with Amyann brought me to a place of remembering who I am, surrendering to love, embracing needing others, and trusting myself to truly be there for them. It’s opened a whole new life for me that at 51-years-old I doubted was even possible. And now at 53 years old, I know is not only possible, but happening. And I am so grateful and excited for what’s ahead." - B.G.

All the magic for $111 (CAD)

(Approx $82 USD)

Join us in the Temple!

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