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Aug 4, 2023 - Sep 8, 2023

The Awakened Womb

  • 36Days
  • 23Steps


A 5-week immersion and initiation into your most embodied, most sensual, most liberated, Feminine Self. Womb Awakening is a pathway into embodied wholeness, and deep spiritual remembrance. On this path you will reclaim parts of yourself you've forgotten, and you will gain SO much power back. Your Womb is for MUCH more than conceiving babies. When a womb is awakened, she remembers herself as the Cosmic Creatrix of all life: the quantum birthplace of all creation. She is the key to your feminine expression, creativity, magic, and embodiment. And she wants you to have a relationship with her once more. Your womb is the source of your feminine magnetism, as well as your shamanic priestess powers. When you are disconnected from your womb you experience: painful periods, numbness in sex or self-pleasure, hormonal imbalances, inability to feel sensual and feminine, blocks in your creativity, inability to create or manifest the life you want. When you heal your relationship with your Womb, you heal trauma and set yourself free from victimhood and powerlessness, on all levels of your being.

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Awakened Wombs

Awakened Wombs

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