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Get to Know Me

Amyann Faul B.A. (Hon), B.Ed, M.E.S. (Masters of Environmental Studies)

Your Tantric Sex Guide

Hi! I'm glad you are here, I'm Amyann. 

My parents chose my name: it means "Love & Grace," and Love and Grace are my embodiment.


I was born into a fundamentalist Christian home, and grew up believing that femininity, the body, sensual/sexual expression, and pleasure were wrong and shameful. I had MANY blocks around experiencing pleasure for myself. In fact, for half of my 20s I was anorgasmic - I couldn't orgasm at all.

I found tantra and sacred sexuality in 2012, and have been on this path ever since, studying from different teachers, mentors, shamanic priestesses, and lineages.

In June of 2018, I was taken into a spontaneous altered state of awareness and given profound visions and a deepened understanding of my life path. This began by Womb Awakening, and my Kundalini Awakening followed soon after.


I left my life as an over-worked and under-paid school teacher to pursue my own healing and tantric "priestessing" full time.


 Today, I guide others to the Truth of their innermost being. I help us remember that we are our own healers, and we can turn our shame into pleasure and our trauma into power. 


The Spiral Path of the Rose (a symbol of the Divine Feminine), leads us back to the truth of our Hearts in full remembrance of union with God. This is my great passion, and service in this lifetime.


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